21st Century Networking

Posted by: Lee Willis

Distributed Secondary Networks (DSNs) are ubiquitous in the downtown areas of North American cities. They serve the vast majority of central high-rise business districts and institutional campuses and corridors in major cities throughout the... Read more

Technological Forecasting & Distribution Reliability

Posted by: Lee Willis

We received a good number of emails about last month’s blog on technology forecasting, so this month’s discussion will delve a bit deeper into some of the ways technology can be projected and anticipated. Readers wanting more detail... Read more

The Risks of Anticipating Technology Advance, or Not

Posted by: Lee Willis

In early 1953, my grandfather bought a new Cadillac Coupe DeVille. I was a young child at the time and thought that it was the most wondrous thing I had ever seen, full of magical features like power windows, a signal seeking AM radio, and perhaps... Read more

Doing It Over Again

Posted by: Lee Willis

Twenty years ago, I did an interesting project for a friend who had just become COO of a new and rapidly growing cable TV company. He asked me to look at how his cable and internet services company operated and compare its organization, operating... Read more

Just What Business Are We In?

Posted by: Lee Willis

Traditional electric utilities that do not adapt to a “private microgrid” world could be looking at eventually losing up to half their customer base. Renewable power systems and smart technologies will soon enable individual... Read more

Complex Numbers

Posted by: Lee WillisDamir Novosel

Renewable energy, distributed resources, smart equipment, microgrids, customer-centric energy plans and a host of other new concepts and technologies are changing our industry’s landscape. Almost everyone in the electric utility industry... Read more

Keeping It in the Fiction Aisle

Posted by: Lee Willis

Writers of adventure and espionage fiction have always stayed a step ahead of the real world, but only a step. The best, or at least the most successful of them, seem to have a sixth sense about the public’s worry-de-jour, turning out near... Read more

Goodbye Thomas Alva

Posted by: Lee Willis

We are far enough into the current century that our present technology is noticeably better than it was at its beginning. Our latest automobiles are cleaner, safer and get better fuel economy than those made in 2000. Our airplanes are faster,... Read more

What’s Going on Down There?

Just what exactly is going on down there? On July 14, 2008, at 8:54 a.m., the city of Vancouver, BC made national and international headlines after a fire erupted in an electrical manhole in the busy downtown Vancouver streets. The impacts to... Read more

Technology Infusion in the Opposite Direction

Posted by: Lee Willis

For most of the past one hundred years, new technologies have entered the power industry "at the top", near the generation level, and gradually worked their way down to the distribution level. In the first quarter of the twentieth century, circuit... Read more