Applied R&D

Applied R&D

Quanta Technology's Applied Research & Development (AR&D) team utilizes proven expertise from its Transmission, Distribution, Protection, Automation, Wide Area Monitoring, Protection and Control (WAMPAC) and other specialty areas to convert advanced concepts and ideas from diverse fields into power system applications that improve concrete aspects of power system operations and/or planning. Applied R&D puts a strong emphasis on creation of intellectual property, focusing on areas that would benefit our clients the most.

As our clients look to understand impact of synchrophasor technology on control system operations and its integration into new generations of EMS systems, our team has developed new synchrophasor technology roadmaps and technology strategies for control room and system operations. These roadmaps provide information needed to develop detailed yearly plans for further synchrophasor technology deployments.

In addition to supporting the utilities in their research and development needs, our group strategic objective is to develop collaboration and partnership with organizations that look into research, early development and adoption of new technologies. Some examples include working in smart grid projects supported by Department of Energy, ARPA-e, NYSERDA and similar.

Among the areas that the Applied R&D team gets involved in are Renewables, Microgrids, Energy Storage Systems, Synchro-phasor Technology and Probability-based Risk Management. In supporting our clients, Quanta Technology's R&D team quite often is in a situation to develop prototypes for technological solutions. Some examples of prototype development projects are:

  • Measurement-based, Real-time Voltage Instability Indicator (RVIISM)
  • Synchrophasor simulator (PMU simulator)
  • Protection and control algorithm
  • Plug-in Electric Vehicle Simulator (PEV SIM™)
  • BESS simulator and controller
  • Supervisory voltage and VAR controller (SVVC™) for wind farms
  • Versatile Microgrid Controller (VMC™)
  • Remote monitoring and control schemes for renewable energy integration
  • Testing and analysis of a DC curtailment scheme for PV farms

In support of its activities, AR&D has established two research labs, one in Toronto, Ontario and the other in Raleigh, NC. These labs support applied research in Renewables and Microgrids and incorporate Real-Time Digital Simulation (RTDS) for testing of device/application performance.