Asset Operations


Quanta Technology helps you meet today’s utility challenges of higher expectations of reliability, increasing pressure to lower costs and increase earnings, Smart Grid support and distributed sustainable energy technologies, aging in both the workforce and the utility infrastructure. We provide expertise to complement the utility's internal expertise and provide professional resources to augment utility staff that has been stretched thin due to attrition and the aging workforce.


We provide the following standards and design services:

Engineering Standards – We re-evaluate and revise engineering criteria, standards and guidelines to cost effectively meet current needs, emerging technologies, innovation in business practices, and changing regulations.

Equipment Utilization – We evaluate existing equipment utilization and determine loading guidelines to cost effectively meet your specific financial, reliability and risk level targets.

Distribution Design – We review engineering standards, specifications and construction standards for consistency of design practices and assurance that system design and operation are supported by operating guidelines and industry best practices. A review may cover utility practices for protection schemes, conductor and equipment loadings, line design and other issues to establish a well-defined design process that drives improved utility standards and specifications.

System Analysis – We augment utility staff in performing necessary system studies, including power flow analysis, capacitor optimization, arc flash analysis, wood pole strength and loading, lightning protection, and grounding and stray voltage analysis. Our engineers are experienced in applications such as CYME, SynerGee, PSS/E, PSLF, Aspen, SKM, WindMil, Pole Foreman and other modeling tools.


A common challenge to today’s utility engineers is to extend the life of existing power delivery assets through better understanding of asset condition and operational issues that significantly impact the remaining asset life, and implementation of maintenance practices to support operating objectives.

We can help you evaluate the condition of major power delivery assets - such as power transformers, circuit breakers, and other substation infrastructure - to assist in your decisions around capital equipment operations, refurbishment and replacement. We can conduct comprehensive evaluations and tests of existing equipment to quantify current risk of continued operation and help you develop a comprehensive equipment maintenance strategy. Our services include:

Transformer Analysis – Perform comprehensive analysis of operating and test data on transformers to provide information on the remaining life of the unit as well as any imminent risk of failure.

Loss of life calculations based on various test results and performed in compliance with IEEE standard C57.91-1995 to provide information on remaining insulation life and assess the overall transformer condition and loading capability.

Predictive Field Tests for comprehensive loading and failure risk analyses, including for example:

  • Visual inspection
  • Ultrasonic/Partial Discharge analysis
  • Vibration analysis of main tanks and pumpsInfrared thermography
  • Acoustic emission and noise analysis
  • Cooling system analysis

Maintenance Management – Develop more efficient programs based on equipment condition, age, duty and other operational factors to ensure reliability targets with optimal service intervals, achieving significant operational savings over traditional time-based maintenance programs.

Expert Witness Support – Provide written and oral expert testimonies to support the utility in regulatory hearings, managed investigations, rate cases for spending on system hardening and resiliency improvements, etc.