Telecommunications networks in electric utilities have undergone a tremendous transition over the last few years. Networks are evolving from multiple, independent single-purpose (i.e., SCADA only, protection only or corporate specific networks), to more of a single platform network supporting different data types, each type with its own performance requirements. In the new age of "convergence", managed Ethernet, IP, MPLS and numerous wireless technologies are offered by vendors, and the utility must decide on a migration path appropriate for its environment. With Smart Grid requirements to overlay on top of the telecommunications infrastructure, the utility has communications challenges that have never before been encountered.

Quanta Technology’s experts can assist your organization in developing your telecommunications asset to provide optimal performance for multiple, diverse requirements and applications. We have expertise in:

• Utility network design, planning, development and implementation (wide-area and "last mile")

• Utility telecommunications business case analysis

• Communications technologies and protocols such as wireless, T1, SONET/SDH, Ethernet, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, MPLS, DNP, IEC 61850, Modbus, as well as analog communications including audiotone and PLC

• Protective relaying pilot communications and teleprotection requirements and solutions

• Information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) communications network integration and management

• Participation in NERC regulatory standards development and experience with enforcement practices, including CIP and PRC-005

• Specifying cyber security requirements for relaying, teleprotection and communications devices, as well as overall communications security architecture

• Feasibility and technology options studies

• Communications architecture and design for applications including wide-area transport, AMI, synchrophasors, demand response, home area networks, plug-in electric vehicles, distributed energy resources

• Development of training classes for communications technology, pilot relaying and teleprotection

The Quanta Technology communications team can work toward the development of an Integrated Communications strategy, with assessments that can be conducted in phases, that when formed together, lay out a comprehensive roadmap that best fits your utility objectives – both operationally and business wise. The strategy planning and implementation "life cycle" is depicted in the flowchart above.