Grid Modernization


​The power delivery grid is evolving rapidly to facilitate the adoption of Distributed Energy Resources (DER), renewable generation, new loads such as electric vehicles, and emerging technologies, and satisfy the growing expectations of end users regarding resiliency, reliability, power quality and new  services. 


grid modernization wheel - Quanta Technology

Grid modernization addresses the need to build an intelligent, robust and efficient grid that can be monitored and controlled in real-time to provide a reliable, safe, sustainable, and secure service and empower customers to actively participate and benefit from greater and more diverse market opportunities and services. 

Building this modern grid is a monumental and multidisciplinary endeavor (particularly on the distribution and grid-edge side, which are vast and diverse) and requires a holistic approach that considers technology, business and regulatory aspects. Quanta Technology is uniquely positioned to assist its clients in this area, our knowledge and experience covers all aspects of grid modernization, from high level strategy to detailed field implementation. Our approach addresses foundational and enabling infrastructures, application and innovation aspects required for a successful grid modernization and utility/grid of the future strategy.

Key components include:

Grid Modernization Strategy: we help our clients identify objectives, benefits, costs, solutions and strategy for grid modernization implementation, including providing support in regulatory filings and assist in the preparation of funding requests and rate cases
  • Technology strategy and innovation
  • Benefit/cost analysis
  • Business case development
  • Implementation roadmap
  • Regulatory support
  • Grant preparation support


T&D Grid Modernization Engineering and Applications: we help our clients evaluate existing needs and challenges and identify the most suitable solutions to achieve grid modernization objectives. Our approach is detailed, practical, and rigorous and based on deep understanding of industry practices and modern and cost-effective technologies.
  • Holistic Studies (Planning, Reliability, Protection, Automation, Communications)
  • Real Time Monitoring & Control (EMS, DMS, OMS, DERMS, AMI, Synchrophasor Technology, etc.)
  • Grid Analytics
  • DER and Emerging Technology Integration
  • Distributed Generation
  • Energy Storage
  • Microgrids
  • Electric Vehicles


Technology Services: our team’s thorough understanding of commercial technologies, products and equipment allow us to assist our clients in the specification, laboratory testing, and evaluation of generic and customized solutions.
  • Solution specification
  • Device/system testing in laboratory environment
  • Solution evaluation


Field Services: our team includes seasoned T&D engineers with extensive field experience and understanding of the complexities associated with the implementation of new concepts and solutions and widespread deployment. Through our parent company, Quanta Services, we have access to unmatched T&D construction capabilities to address our client needs.
  • Pilot, demonstration and proof-of-concept projects
  • Field testing
  • Project management
  • Widespread deployment


We have assisted some of the largest utilities in North America in this area, and our team includes recognized thought-leaders in this field, former utility executives, and technology experts.


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