NERC PRC-027-1: An Automated Solution for CAPE & ASPEN Users

What is NERC PRC-027-1? 

PRC-027-1 is a NERC compliance requirement on track for approval by FERC in Early to Mid 2017.  The purpose is to maintain the coordination of Protection Systems installed for the purpose of detecting Faults on BES Elements and isolating those faulted Elements, such that the Protection System components operate in the intended sequence during Faults. 

When does PRC-027-1 go into effect?

Effective Date: 24 Months after approval by FERC.

Time to Implement:  72 Months (6 years) from Effective Date.

What are the PRC-027-1 requirements?

The standard imposes three requirements (encapsulated in Figure 1), that:

R1.  Establish a process for developing new and revised protection system settings for BES elements such that the protection systems operate in the intended sequence during faults.

R2.  This requirement applies to BES element protection system functions wherein either the fault current is used to develop settings or coordinated operation with other protection systems is required. For such protection systems, the standard provides three options:

  • Perform a protection system coordination study in a time interval not to exceed six years, or
  • Compare present fault current values to an established base line and perform a protection system coordination study when the comparison identifies a deviation greater than 15%, all in a time interval not to exceed six years.
  • A combination of Option 1 & Option 2.

R3. Develop new & revised protection system settings by following the process developed in requirement R1.

Quanta Technology NERC PRC-027-1 Offering 

Quanta Technology offers an automated solution for all CAPE and ASPEN users that considerably reduces the time spent in complying with this requirement and in documenting and demonstrating compliance. By combining our expertise in system protection analysis, applying the advanced protection modeling and simulation features in CAPE or ASPEN with other tools that we have developed in-house over several years, Quanta Technology is able to offer an elegant solution to meet PRC-027-1 requirements.


More information can be found in the Quanta Technology PRC-027-1 brochure