Quanta Technology complements the energy utility internal resources with industry leading expertise and experience to ensure ERO compliance and system infrastructure optimization for expansion and capacity utilization, manage the increasing operations complexities, and maintain operational integrity through loss of institutional knowledge via staff attrition. Our experts can provide your organization with a range of solutions from expert and thorough analysis for your most complicated problems to the efficient execution of routine studies. We can tailor our services to meet your specific objectives.

Our service offerings include:

Strategic Planning  Assess your infrastructure needs in a 10-year planning horizon, including long-term capital planning and proposed existing and future operating procedures. Provide strategic recommendations to reduce capital costs of your transmission system.

Risk Assessment Analyze existing transmission constraints and impacts of future upgrades. Develop strategic recommendations for transmission deliverability from any existing or planned resource.

Wide-Area Monitoring, Protection & Control (WAMPAC) Engineer synchrophasor and other wide-area measurement systems for enhancing transmission reliability and operating efficiency. Support WAMPAC system planning, system design and specification development, implementation, applications development and support, and identification of best practices.

Interconnection Studies Examine generation assets and analyze their interconnection status. Perform transmission interconnection studies at each plant, analyze the history of transmission service requests, transactions on those assets, and transmission line relief actions to develop recommendations for system optimality and cost minimization.

ERO Compliance Use applicable national and regional requirements to identify critical infrastructure. Perform gap analysis to develop compliance roadmap, develop the necessary processes and documentation, and support implementation. Support pre-audit reviews and due diligence self audits. Provide other tailored services to meet your ERO compliance needs.

Process Management & Training Develop a process mapping guide with roles and responsibilities, precautions and limitation, equipment handling, procedures and documentation. Provide customized engineering training.

Load Growth Forecasting & Weather Derivatives Build short- and long-term load forecast models using decision support tools such as Crystal Ball and Monte Carlo models. Develop financial model to help manage exposure to weather risks.

Reliability Studies Assess generation system adequacy, determine on average how long available capacity is likely to fall short of demand, and estimate the likelihood and impact of failure on the Loss of Load Expectation (LOLE) to make recommendations on system reliability improvements.

Distribution Side Demand Response Analyze and forecast the utility’s customer demand response. Based on forecasts, provide advice on device and facility coordination for bulk system VAR optimization and generator re-dispatch to improve energy efficiency and system reliability.

Economic Analysis/Expert Witness Testimony Prepare expert witness testimony to justify the economic benefits of capital and maintenance planning costs and support similar issues.