i-PCGRID Workshop 2017

Quanta Technology is proud to be participating in another i-PCGRID conference, this March 29th-31st, in San Francisco, California. This event has been an honored tradition for the relationship between the organizers, PG&E, Mississippi State University, and Quanta Technology.

Dr. Farid Katiraei and Dr. Ralph Masiello of Quanta Technology will be presenting an “Energy Storage Roadmap and Business Case” at i-PCGRID. Rahul Anikumar will present “Voltage Stability Management”. Dr. Damir Novosel, the president of Quanta Technology, will be presenting “Industry Trends and IEEE PES Related Initiatives”. Dr. Novosel, who is also serving as one of the masters of ceremonies, is also an alumnus of Mississippi State’s electrical engineering doctoral program.

The i-PCGRID schedule describes the core program as “discussions [that] focus on Key Success Factors for Modernizing the Electrical Grid to provide reliable, safe, and cost-effective delivery of electrical energy around the world. In depth featured topics include energy trends and industry sustainability, global grid resiliency and modernization efforts and the required performance levels.” Further details of the event can be found at https://ipcgrid.ece.msstate.edu/

Quanta Technology would like to thank PG&E for their continued support, and look forward to the growing relationship.

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