i-PCGRID Workshop 2018

Quanta Technology is proud to be participating in another i-PCGRID Workshop, on March 28th-30th, in San Francisco, California. The event is jointly organized by Pacific Gas & Electric, Mississippi State University, and Quanta Technology.

This year’s i-PCGRID theme will focus on Strategies for Energy Trends & Industry Sustainability. A New Generation of Energy, Technology, Security, and Reliable Power Delivery

The importance of a modern electricity grid for sustainable delivery of reliable, communicative, and high-quality electricity has energized the organizing committee to continue with its tradition of fostering knowledge, sharing of best practices, and information exchange through workshops. The electrical power and energy industry is in a crucial transition phase as initiatives we take today will affect how the grid is operated for years to come; this gathering of the minds initiative works to develop a shared vision for a modern, efficient grid. The  i-PCGRID 2018 Workshop will emphasize both practical lessons learned from managing grid system and equipment assets, and innovative and future looking technologies and solutions to continue building a more resilient and efficient grid.

Dr. Damir Novosel, the president of Quanta Technology, will be presenting Industry Trends and IEEE PES Related Initiatives.

Dr. David Hart, Vice President of Protection and Control will be presenting on Protection and Control Challenges and Solutions .

Dr. Ali Daneshpooy and Rahul Anilkumar, who are part of Quanta Technology’s Transmission Group, will be presenting on System Stability Management.

Quanta Technology would like to thank PG&E for their continued support, and looks forward to the growing relationship.

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