IEEE PES Society Honors Jim Bouford of Quanta Technology

Jim to receive Award for Excellence in Power Distribution Engineering.

RALEIGH, NC (July 14thth, 2017) Jim Bouford of Quanta Technology has been recognized with the Award for Excellence in Power Distribution by the IEEE PES Society. Jim has over 45 years of experience in the power industry, including utility system planning, reliability and analysis. Jim is scheduled to receive the award at a ceremony during the IEEE PES General Meeting, hosted in Chicago, IL on July 17th.

“I have been very fortunate in my career to have known, worked with, and especially, learned from some of the best and brightest that have ever worked in our industry. They deserve the credit for guiding, encouraging, and even at times forcing me to be the best that I could be,” said Jim.

He is also optimistic about the future.

“While the basic requirement to safely, reliably and efficiently deliver electric energy to customers has not changed, the means for doing so has greatly evolved over the past 50 years. In each decade, new technologies, devices, analysis methods and applications were developed and put into operation. These helped to transform how electricity was delivered. Now the implementation of smart devices and distributed generation at the customer level is again creating a stimulating new environment to challenge the creativity of the distribution engineer.  These are exciting times in our industry. I only hope that I can arouse a level of excitement, that I have had the pleasure of experiencing over my career, in some younger engineers.”

Quanta Technology is an expertise-based, independent, technical consulting firm that helps electric utilities and other power industry companies by providing objective and practical solutions to their most complex transmission and distribution challenges. Quanta Technology is subsidiary of Quanta Services, and is based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Additional news about Quanta Technology can be found at For all media inquiries, contact