Quanta Technology Welcomes Victor Romero and Dr. Henry Chao

Quanta Technology is proud to announce two new additions to their powerful team, Vic Romero and Henry Chao. Damir Novosel, President of Quanta Technology, is looking forward to their future with the company.

“I am thrilled and honored to have two industry leaders, who I have great respect for, join our team. As our industry is quickly changing, it is important to strengthen our team with additional utility operational and ISO market design experience. I am confident that both Vic and Henry will not only provide unparalleled support to our partners and colleagues, but also continue leading our industry.”

Vic Romero has over 39 years of electric utility experience with a broad range of knowledge including operations, engineering, and grid modernization. Mr. Romero is formerly the Director of Technology, Solutions and Reliability for San Diego Gas and Electric.

 “Over 39 years, I’ve had a very rewarding career at San Diego Gas & Electric where I was involved in many aspects of the electric utility business including operations, grid modernization and reliability.  Now, I’m excited to work with Quanta Technology who, in these changing times, is taking a leading role to help utilities move forward on efforts such as grid modernization and DER integration.  I’m really looking forward to contributing to these efforts,” Mr. Romero reflected.

Dr. Chao was formerly the Vice President of System & Resource Planning at New York Independent System Operator. Dr. Henry Chao also has more than 25 years of experience in electric utility planning and operations. He shared sentiments on his new venture.

“This is an exciting time for the electric power industry and for people like myself, with years of experience in the wholesale market and grid operations and planning. Particularly, in these current markets, when the system is undergoing reform with renewables and distributed energy. It requires new plans, development, and design to look to the future. Quanta Technology, and the entire consulting space, will certainly find a new strength,” said Dr. Chao.

Quanta Technology is an expertise-based, independent, technical consulting firm that helps electric utilities and other power industry companies by providing objective and practical solutions to their most complex transmission and distribution challenges. Quanta Technology is subsidiary of Quanta Services, and is based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Additional news about Quanta Technology can be found at www.Quanta-technology.com/news-events. For all media inquiries, contact marketing@quanta-technology.com