FERC Order 1000 Services

On July 21, 2011, FERC issued Order 1000 which, in conjunction with FERC Order 890, requires coordinated, open and transparent regional transmission planning processes to address undue discrimination; requires transmission planning at the regional level to consider and evaluate possible transmission alternatives and produce a regional transmission plan; requires the cost of transmission solutions chosen to meet regional transmission needs to be allocated fairly to beneficiaries; and most importantly, requires the removal of the Federal Right of First Refusal (ROFR) from FERC-approved open access transmission tariffs and agreements.

Quanta Technology can identify potential transmission system enhancements to address the transmission issues identified in the various regions. Once potential projects are identified, Quanta Technology can determine the benefits of transmission system projects through prod- uction cost analysis as well as estimate the costs and expenses to calculate the benefit/cost ratio of the project. Quanta Technology can also assist clients with developing the submittal form(s) for project developers to provide sufficient documentation of those necessary and essential costs and expenses for projects to be submitted to the RTOs/ISOs, or other entity pursuant to their tariff and/or processes. Quanta Technology performs these services routinely in the competitive market and can provide them to regional planning entities, as well. Once transmission proposals are submitted to the regional planning entity, Quanta Technology along with other Quanta Services companies can provide an independent review to help validate proposed estimates.