Amir Enayati

Amir Enayati, PhD, Senior Engineer, Protection & Control, has extensive research experience in power system protection, power system analysis and control, micro-grid, smart-grid, power system planning, and system reliability and resiliency analyses. Amir joined the Protection & Control team at Quanta Technology as an intern in September 2016 while pursuing his PhD at Clarkson University.


Areas of Expertise


·     Power system protection, control, and analysis

·     Micro-grid and Smart-grid

·     Power system planning

·     Power system reliability and resiliency

·     Renewable energy (solar and wind)

Experience & Background

·     More than 10 years of academic and industrial experience in power systems

·     Senior Engineer, Protection & Control, Quanta Technology, 2017–Present

Accomplishments & Industry Recognition

·     Published multiple papers in peer-reviewed conferences.

·     Member of IEEE PES, IEEE-HKN, IEEE-Smart Grid Community, IEEE-Electric Vehicles Community, IEEE Young Professionals, IEEE Signal Processing Society, IEEE Smart Cities

·     Frequent IEEE reviewer including IEEE PES Transactions on Sustainable Energy, Smart Grid, Power Systems, and Power Delivery

·     Clarkson Notable Knight (alumni that have gone on to become leaders in their respective fields)

·     DOE-funded poster “Smart-grid Relaying and Communication” ranked 3rd at Advanced Energy Conference 2014.

·     Chair, Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference (ISGT) paper session

·     Developed a DOE-funded power system protection laboratory at Clarkson University


·     PhD, Electrical Engineering, Clarkson University, New York, 2017

·     MSc, Electrical Engineering, Clarkson University, New York, 2013

·     BSc, Electrical Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology, 2008


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