Dennis Flinn

Dennis Flinn, Principal Advisor, has a over 38 years of experience in distribution systems modeling, operations, and analysis, with a significant emphasis on distribution automation, Volt/VAR, CVR, renewable, and storage. He has taught numerous training seminars worldwide related to distribution engineering and circuit protection.

Areas of Expertise

  • Renewables & Energy Storage System integration and the impact within Distribution Systems.
  • Distribution Smart Grid Strategy, Design & Implementation.
  • Distribution Conservation Voltage Reduction Impact.
  • Distribution Planning: Load Flow, Short Circuit, and Reactive Power Flow Studies, Contingency Analysis, and Load Forecasting.
  • Application Integration: Interface design between business processes.
  • Power System Protection:  Overcurrent protection and coordination.
  • Reliability:  Conducted individual Reliability Studies.
  • Power Quality: Data collection and analytics of disturbances & Indices.

Accomplishments and Industry Recognition

  • Professional Engineer - Pennsylvania
  • Senior Member IEEE – Power & Energy Society (PES)
  • Senior Member IEEE – Industry Applications Society (IAS)
  • Published over 20 papers


  • MS, Electric Power Engineering – Ohio State University, 1978
  • BS, Electric Power Engineering – Ohio University, 1977
  •  AAS, Electric Engineering – Ohio State University,1975

Dennis can be contacted at