Farbod Jahanbakhsh

Farbod Jahanbakhsh, MSEE, PE, Pincipal Advisor, has more than 20 years of Power System Planning, Design and Analyst Engineering experience. Prior to joining Quanta Technology in 2007, he was Transmission & Distribution Specialist at CYME-International T&D Inc., offering power system studies tools and consulting services in simulation-based power system studies. Farbod was responsible for simulation and analysis and also development of new modules for various software such as, voltage regulators for DG reactive power control, circuit breaker sizing and rating check, arc-flash hazards, safety grounding optimization and distance relay setting.

Since joining Quanta Technology in 2007, he has led many system study projects in the areas of battery energy storage, renewable energy, bulk power system planning, reliability, steady state and dynamics, as well as EMF engineering and fast transient simulations.

He was Transmission Planner and System Analyst Engineer in utility systems with more than 30GW generation capacity. He was responsible for power system technical and economical planning, simulation and studies for identifying appropriate methodology for system reinforcement and optimization performance. The focus of his engineering responsibility was on reliability studies, tools evaluation and development, as well as conducting consultancy projects in various areas that included equipment rating, transmission line and substation design, load forecasting, steady state and dynamics stability analysis, fault analysis, voltage stability, power quality, sub-transient analysis and safety engineering calculations in accordance with well know standard and criteria.

He received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Tehran University and M.Sc. in advanced Electrical Engineering from Polytechnic of TU.

Mr. Jahanbakhsh is an IEEE Senior Member and a registered Professional Engineer in the State of North Carolina.

Farbod can be reached at farbod@quanta-technology.com