Farid Katiraei

Dr. Farid Katiraei, Senior Director, Renewables, Emerging Technologies & Microgrids, Executive Advisor & Director, Quanta Technology Expert, has more than 7 years of design, modeling and implementation of power electronic apparatus for power system applications; dynamic system analysis and testing of emerging technologies and architectures for medium- and low-voltage distribution systems based on Mini-grid, Microgrid and Smart Grid approaches.

Prior to joining Quanta, Dr. Katiraei has been with Natural Resources Canada Energy Research Center (CANMETEnergy) in Varennes-Québec and CYME International where he has been involved in control and protection system design, grid interconnection, transient modeling, field testing, utility impact assessment of distributed and renewable energy resources and management of several pilot demonstration projects in the aforementioned areas. Dr. Katiraei received his PhD degree in electrical engineering from University of Toronto (Toronto, Canada) in 2005. He is an active member of IEEE, a steering committee member of international collaboration on Microgrids, and an active participant in several international standard development working groups as part of IEA and IEC taskforces. He is the author/co-author of several journal papers, conference publications and technical articles. His main interests include applications of power electronic apparatus and advanced automations in power systems; protection system design and coordination.

Farid Katiraei can be reached at fkatiraei@quanta-technology.com