Trevor Hall

Trevor Hall, Technical Advisor, Protection & Controls, has more than 37 years of various technical and leadership experience. Trevor Hall was a Telecom Technical Specialist with Pacific Gas and Electric Company for twenty five years in the fields of microwave, computer and power line carrier systems supporting electric transmission relay protection. His responsibilities included new equipment evaluation, maintenance planning, class instruction of maintenance personnel and start up coordination. Trevor Hall was also a maintenance supervisor and technician for the remainder of his thirty seven year career. Mr. Hall was a member of a Remedial Action Scheme first response team at Pacific Gas and Electric Company, requiring vast knowledge of electrical grid interconnection and telecommunications infrastructure.

Mr. Hall was member of Modular Protection Automation and Control (MPAC) development team. Trevor Hall also served in the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard reserve and reached the rate of Senior Chief Electricians Mate. Most of his active duty time was working on shipboard steam, diesel, gas turbine propulsion control and electric generating systems. He has a U.S. Maritime Service QMED (Qualified Member Of The Engineering Department) all rate certificate.

Trevor Hall has attended thirty-one factory training classes, holds a diploma in Electronics Technology, and has a FCC General Radiotelephone Operators License.

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